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[A] Exocoetica 07 CLOSED by KPJ11
Official designs
[A] Exocoetica 13 OPEN AB added by KPJ11
[A] Exocoetica 07 CLOSED by KPJ11
[A] Ningyo exocoetica 10 closed by KPJ11
[A] Exocoetica 12 OPEN closed by KPJ11
Art from existing design
Othea by Kiyoron
MYO Family
Assane by AnonMadSci
Exocoetica MYO FIN by Shanyume
Exocoetica MYO - Sorin by TorikoHana
MYO Exocoetica- Mallen by Sylvaerian

General information!

:star: Everyone can join! You don't have to own an Exocoetica (exo for short) to join this group.

:star: Please only submit art that is related to exos !


This collection does not have any deviations yet!






Finally! Exo encyclopedia... 
Exo Banner by kpj11adopts

Exo Guide by kpj11adopts
Their body tattoos / markings are erase-able , but in their tribe / community it is a symbol to respect the goddess.

Guide2 by kpj11adopts

Guide3 by kpj11adopts

Guide5 by kpj11adopts
- It doesn't matter the location. As long as the larger one has darker tip, it can be placed on the first, middle, or last.
Only 1 largest dorsal fins, the rest are smaller and cannot be roundy shaped. Roundy shapes it means that not exactly round, but has no both sharp edges.

Guide5-b by kpj11adopts
Guide7 by kpj11adopts

Guide6 by kpj11adopts

Fun facts!!

  • * the small original exo, is able to lift their body out of water and glide some distance.
  • Being smaller gives them aerodynamic advantages.
  • * They eat kelp or seaweeds. They can eat other fishes that are smaller than them. 
    Some can adapt by just eating fruits. 
  • There is no rules wether you want to transform them into humans in under any circumstances.
  • Canonically, they can drink a potion that turns them into human form without any pain for some time.
  • They cannot stay in their human form for too long, they will crave water. But they can breathe air just fine.
  • In their human form, they can adapt to eating human foods. If they get used to eating cooked meals, 
    it is almost impossible for them to taste blood anymore.

Predator vs Prey
  • * Merfolks does not practice cannibalism. However they can be eaten by real predator fishes such as the dolphins (for smaller ones), and sharks that can target the larger ones.
  • However even in the exo species, one can be categorized as predator or prey.
  • Predator doesn't mean they hunt other exo to be eaten, but they have more aggressive personality, may have more masculine body, may have parts that can be used as defense or weapon (such as stingers).
    These groups are usually hunters, and do the hard jobs that weaker ones can't do. 
  • Predators often tease preys, they can even joke as far as bite others.
  • Preys usually have beautiful features that are flashy in the ocean, attracting any kinds of predators (be it their fish counterpart or other exo).
  • Some preys can get special attention , but not all.
  • To put it simply, in the real world predator is actually the 'bully' and the prey is the 'nerd'. It's just how they call these group in their community.
  • Nobody considers themselves into these groups, but it's simply labelled by others.

Subspecies encyclopedia (In the making!) 
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